(Information may change without notice.)

This directory lists the various sources from which you can obtain information about the benefit plans available to you.

Please select one of the benefit plans available below, according to the benefit group you are in:

Group I Plans
available to retired employees who are members of the New York State Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP)

Group II Plans
available to retired employees whose insurance carriers are not through NYSHIP

Group III Plans
available to all retired employees

Employee Benefits
180 Livingston Street 6008
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Telephone: 347-643-8550
888-777-9229 (Toll-Free)
Fax: 347 643-8409
Office Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM Monday thru Friday (EST)

Group I Plans

The following benefit groups are covered by NYSHIP:
Retired Managerial, Non-Represented Career and Salary, Organization of Staff Analysts, Non-Represented Operating Supervisors, Subway Surface Supervisor Association, Transport Workers Union-Local 106-Transit Supervisor Organization (Operating and Queens Division, Station Supervisor Level II)
Medical Insurance Phone Number Web site
Empire Plan
Single Toll-Free number to access all Providers 877-769-7447
Carriers can be reached by:
Hospital Coverage and Related Services
Must call before a scheduled hospital admission and within 48 hours of an emergency hospital admission.
Benefits Management Program Press or say 1
For information on hospital claims and coverage:
Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield Press or say 2
Medical Coverage and Related Services    
For information on benefits under Basic Medical:
United HealthCare Insurance Company Press or say 1
To select a physician in the plan's network:
Participating Provider Listing Press or say 1
For health information and advice, 24 hours/ 7 days:
Empire Plan NurseLine Press or say 5  
Prescription Drug Coverage    
Cigna/Express Scripts Drug Program Press or say 4
Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Coverage
For authorization of chiropractic and physical therapy services:
Managed Physical Medicine Program/MPN Press or say 1
Durable Medical Equipment Coverage    
For home care services/durable medical equipment and/or supplies:
Home Care Advocacy Program (HCAP) Press or say 1
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Coverage    
Prior authorization is required for mental health or substance/alcohol abuse treatment:
Value Options Empire Plan Press or say 3
For COBRA, retiree and vestee information:
State of NY Department of Civil Service 800-833-4344
Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)
Aetna 800-323-9930
Empire 800-662-5193
Albany 877-239-7634  
Kingston & New York City 877-244-4466
HIP of New York 800-HIP-TALK (800-447-8255)
MVP Healthcare 800-TALK-MVP (800-825-5687)
Vytra 800-406-0806
Dental Insurance Phone Number Web site
MetLife Dental Claims 800-260-1093
Dentcare & Healthplex Affiliates 800-468-0600 516-542-2200
Vision Insurance Phone Number Web site
Cole Managed Vision Claims 800-334-7591
General Vision Services* 800-847-4661
(*Participating provider with Cole and gives additional discounts for NYCT employees)
Life Insurance Phone Number Web site
In the event of a retiree’s death, please call
NYCT-Employee Benefits 347-643-8550  
Long-Term Care Insurance Phone Number Web site
For the following benefit groups only: Retired Managerial, Non-Represented Career and Salary, Organization of Staff Analyst, and Non-Represented Operating Supervisors
New York State Public Employee and Retiree Long-Term Care Insurance Plan (NYPERL) 866-474-5824


Group II Plans

Benefits Applicable To Non-NYSHIP Retired Members:
Medical Insurance Phone Number Web site
GHI Customer Service 212-501-4444 212-501-5089 800-833-5761
Empire Blue Cross Customer Service 800-342-9816
HIP of New York 800-HIP-TALK (800-447-8255)
Empire Medical Management Program 800-841-2530
NYC Healthline, Represented Employees 800-521-9574  
United Healthcare 800-521-5505
Union Benefits Phone Number Web site
I. Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 726
Health Benefits Trust 718-698-7757 ext 11  
  Fax: 718-698-9405  
II. Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 1056
Health Benefits Trust 718-481-6616  
  Fax: 718-949-6446  
III. Civil Service Bar Association (CSBA)
Prescription Drugs, Dental & Vision 212-539-5117  
IV. Communication Workers of America (CWA)
Local 1180, AFL-CIO Security Benefits Fund Prescription Drugs, Dental and other related benefits 212-966-5353  
V. Doctors Council
Doctors Council Welfare Fund Dental, Vision and Psychiatric Outpatient Care 212-532-5995  
VI. DC-37 Benefits & Security Plans Inquiry Unit
Health, Prescription Drug, Dental, Vision and other related benefits 212-966-5353
Med Team/Choice 800-624-2414
VII. International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT)
Local 237 Welfare Fund 212-924-7220  
VIII. International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE)
Local 30, Municipal Employees Welfare Fund 718-847-6800  
IX. Organization of Staff Analysts (OSA)
X. Subway Surface Supervisors Association (SSSA)
  718-858-2113,4,or 5  
  Fax: 718-624-6440  
XI. Transit Supervisors Organization Career and Salary (TSO)  
Transit Supervisors Organization Union Office 718-601-5700  
XII. Transport Workers Union (TWU) Local 100
Employee Benefits 347-643-8550  
  Fax: 347-643-8409  
Union Office 212-873-6000  


Group III Plans

Applicable to all retiree benefit groups:

  Phone Number Web site
Employee Pass Unit 347-643-8312/ 8310  
New York College Savings Program
General Information 877-697-2837
Social Security Administration    
General Information & Service 800-772-1213
Pension Benefits    
New York City Employee Retirement System (NYCERS) (TA Retirees Only) 347-643-3000
Or Out-of-State 877-6-NYCERS (877-669-2377)
NYCT/MaBSTOA Pensions General Information NYC Transit Employees 347-643-8550  
Pensioners’ Assistance Information
Phone Number Web site
Employee Benefits 347-643-8550
Address changes Ms. D. Charles 347-643-8392  
  Ms. P. Barbon 347-643-8386  
Death Notice Ms. D. Charles 347-643-8392  
  Mr. H. El-Shabasy 347-643-8389  
Medicare "Part B" Reimbursement Ms. W. Henry 347-643-8390  
Withholding Certificate (W4-P) Change Request    
(MaBSTOA Only) Ms. K. Stewart 347-643-8376  
Mortgage Verification    
(MaBSTOA Only) Ms. A. Santariello 347-643-8393  
NYCERS Phone Number Web site
TA Retirees Contact NYCERS for the following: Withholding Certificate (W4-P), 1099 Replacement, Direct Deposit, Mortgage Verification, Main Pension Check Lost/Stolen
TA Retirees Only 347-643-3000  
Outside NYC 877 6-NYCERS (877-669-2377)  

Addiitional Numbers Below for:
NYCT Retirees receiving the Supplementary Bonus Check AND ALL MaBSTOA Retirees

  Contact Person Phone
Direct Deposit
TA retirees Ms. L.Davis 718-694-1160  
OA retirees Ms. A. Page 718 694-1159  
Lost/Stolen checks Ms. A. Cunningham 718-694-1164  
1099 Replacement Ms. B. McNeal-Smith 718-694-1403  
Tax Levies\Court Mr. M. Smith 718- 694-1387