Prosciutto Di Brooklyn
Submitted by: J. Scaravella

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1]Fresh ham[De Boned]cut in half,this will allow it to cure faster[about three months]
1]Large enough food grade plastic tub, they're not expensive.
About eight- ten pounds of Kosher salt.
About 1 Lb. of cayenne powder or paprika.
About three yards of cheese cloth, a good fabric store will have this, 1-2 dollars a yard.
A good strong twine, also a few yards.
You need to do this in a cold, dry room ,about 50 degrees[this must be done at the start of the cold season,Traditionally this is just after Christmas]


The first thing we have to do is rub down our ham with the cayenne or paprika, then place 1 Lb. of salt in your plastic tub [evenly]...and place the ham [skin side down]...then pour another pound of salt on top...making sure to get good coverage in all the nooks and cranny's.. put a large plate on it..with about ten pounds of weight on top...the cover can go..on top of this to keep any dust off...but there must be plenty of room for air to pass so it can breath...the wet salt and paprika will have to be removed and replaced every day for the first three or four days to remove any excess water that the salt will draw out of the meat...this can be done easily with your fingers....after that you may just have to add and remove a little....depending on the humidity and how much water your particular meat must visit your ham every day...after about ten or twelve days...depending on the size of your ham its ready to hang....wrap your two halves separately with the cheese cloth making sure they have a good layer of paprika and salt on them before wrapping..tie them good and tight with twine....and hang....its nice to fill this cold room with smoke for a week if you will impart a wonderful flavor to your Prosciutto...some time towards the end of March your Prosciutto will be done.......That's it...Enjoy

Makes 100 servings

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